Former Senate President Enrile tells netizens that he’s still alive: “Sorry to disappoint the rumormongers”

Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile debunked the fake news circulating about him amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the Philippines.

On a Facebook post, Enrile informed his followers and critics on social media that he’s still alive and healthy. The 96-year-old lawyer and politician also denied that he got infected by COVID-19.

“Well, I am sorry to disappoint the rumormongers. I am still alive, and I do not have COVID 19. Thank God!! Enjoy your silliness, rumormongers. You might get what you are wishing for me. I will pray for your soul and health,” Enrile said.

Rumors about his condition circulated during the COVID-19 outbreak, however, most of them are just joking about the former Senator as he already became the symbol of immortality among Filipino netizens.

Netizens even made memes and jokes about Enrile’s unusual immune system.

“BREAKING NEWS: Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile tested positive for COVID-19. Doctors say the virus is in critical condition,” @whenjontweets said.

A netizen even listed the outbreaks survived by Enrile for 96 years.

Netizens cannot be blamed for suspecting Enrile as an immortal being as he still tried to return to the Senate at 95-years-old and even went outside to campaign.

Enrile in an interview shared his secret to longevity, revealing that he’s eating ‘saluyot’ and other vegetable dishes to keep his health in good condition.

He also said that he’s not having a diet and still eating oily foods like chicharon.

However, the veteran politician said that he’s controlling the amount of rice he’s eating.

“I don’t eat rice in the evening when I already ate rice in the morning and at noon. I eat not more than a cup (per meal),” Enrile said.

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