“Yari kayo!” Mayor Inday Sara to close down Davao City if other Mindanao mayors fail to set quarantine areas: “Gumawa naman kayo ng action!”

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio urged the officials of Davao City’s neighboring municipalities and cities to set up a quarantine site for their own people.

In a series of Instagram posts, Mayor Duterte said that she’s going to put Davao City under lockdown if the Mayors fail to make their own action and let her city shoulder all people residing in their neighboring places,

“I am asking Mayors of other LGUs na kapitbahay namin gumawa na kayo ng PUI quarantine area ninyo. Otherwise, I will close Davao City and you will have no access to hospitals and other essential services. Nagsasakripisyo na ang Davao City ng walang lockdown para sa inyo, gumawa naman kayo ng action,” Duterte-Carpio said.

She said that the government put Metro Manila on community quarantine because they wanted the other LGUs to prepare a quarantine area.

“The reason why they closed Metro Manila is to save the rest of the country. And buy other LGUs time. All LGUs now have to prepare a PUI quarantine area that is not your hospital. In Davao City, we used an entire school as a PUI center and our health centers as a triage to save our hospitals. Let us do our thing to make sure that sacrifice in Metro Manila saves lives in the entire country!” Inday Sara explained.

She also urged the government to rethink their decision as they’re still allowing passengers from Manila to fly to Davao City via Clark.

“Doctors want to contain everything in Metro Manila, and yet Manila passengers are allowed to fly out of Clark to Davao City. Please rethink what you are doing,” she said.

On Sunday, Duterte put Davao City on community quarantine through an executive order.

According to the executive order, people are not allowed to go out of their houses except if they’re going to leave for work, hospital, food or medicine.

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