Netizen to people who make fun of Duterte’s televised address: “Wala nang ginawang tama ang Presidente para sa inyo”

A netizen has a message to the people who are still criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte after his televised address on Thursday.

Netizen Andrea David, on a Facebook post, slammed the critics of Duterte, saying that she saw how the President is working and trying to communicate with the public despite being not fluent in Tagalog.

According to her, she understood what the President wanted to deliver.

Some critics of the President complained that they didn’t understand what the President is saying during the address.

“Watched Pres. Duterte’s press con while on shift. And yes, I had the same thoughts that he is not a good speaker. But the message he wanted to send is clear,” David said.

“Our President is doing whatever he can. Trying to be as careful with his words. He doesn’t even want to use the word ‘lockdown’ but technically it already is. He doesn’t want to cause a ruckus and make everyone panic as most of the people already are but he wants us to be cautious. Cautious of our own health,” she added.

She was saddened to see negative comments about the President’s televised address, asking them why they’re only focusing on throwing criticisms against Duterte.

David argued that the way Duterte speaks is normal for a 74-year-old man.

“It’s sad that I still see posts commenting about how bad he delivers the message. That he’s just blabbering. Totoo ba? Sa dami ng sinabi ng presidente, dun ka nag focus? And the President who just delivered the message is 74 years old. I assume your grandparents do the same,” she said.

“Wala nang ginawang tama ang Presidente para sa inyo. You always point out things that are irrelevant para lang mas ma highlight yung negative. Why don’t we just support him?” she added.

Some netizens who saw the post also expressed the same thoughts with David.

“YES. Tama na muna mga utak talangka. Let’s support each other, lalo na yung inaasahan natin gumawa ng hakbang para maisaayos tayo. Sinong natutulungan ng mga negative comments nyo?” Karly Diaz said.

“Hindi nyo talaga maiintindihan yung ayaw nyong intindihin,” Maykel Lleva commented.

“I really do appreciate him a lot ! hindi naman ibig sabihin na nagmumura ang tao masama na. <3 Our nation is so blessed to have a man like him. Besides, wala naman pakealam si Pres. Duterte sa bashers ang pake niya ay para sa mga kapwa niya pilipino. <3 I pray na mas maging healthy at strong siya lalo na sa sitwasyon naten ngayon, God bless Mr. President!” Maine Rodrigueza remarked.

The post already received 25,000 shares as of writing and gained thousands of positive reactions from the netizens.

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