Group asks Pres. Duterte to let VP Robredo handle COVID-19 problem: “If the President is not capable, give the power to the VP”

A group urged President Rodrigo Duterte to pass his powers to Vice President Leni Robredo amid the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

On a Facebook post, Samasa Kontra Mandarambong criticized the way President Duterte handled the press conference about COVID-19 on Monday, saying that he didn’t offer any solution to the problem.

According to them, the President was supposed to address how the government is preparing to help the people, especially the needy.

“The President finally showed up at a late-night press conference when the nation needed to be assured that the government was on top of the Covid infection. With the rise of positive cases from 10 to 24 in a matter of hours, he only reiterated the DOH admission that we lacked test kits and that he was suspending classes in NCR until March 14. Even the lowest level official could have done this. He offered no solution to the problems: nothing was said on how to address the shortage of test kits, the water rationing that prevents people from proper handwashing (other than to say he will force the China-funded Kaliwa Dam on us which will take 2 more years), and the possible hit on our economy (other than promising to spend all money on rice for the poor). He did not answer the problems a leader should address,” the group said.

“All we saw was an incapacitated President who, instead of providing leadership at this critical time, could not make clear, coherent decisions. He could not even think straight,” they added.

They also called out the President for answering the questions of some reporters about his relationship with China, Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) and other topics that not related to COVID-19.

“That press con was nothing but whim of a child who had just woken up at 10 pm. Must have been snippets from his long dream. For how does one jump from talking about COVID to tilapias, to VFA, to his “respect” for Trump, and even endorsing Trump for next US elections? He even brought up his personal grudge against US Senators,”

The group then suggested that if the President cannot give any solution to the problem that even first world countries are having a hard time solving, Duterte should just pass the powers to Vice President Leni Robredo.

“If the President cannot lead, then he should delegate it to the one who can. If he is not capable, then he should give it to the one who can. We need a sober, hard working, capable leader at the helm of this fight to save countless lives,” they said.

“In his entire administration, there is only one official who has what it takes to get the job done. She has done more than what her measly budget allowed. She has shown she is sober yet relentless, hardworking, and capable of making rapid but thoroughly studied assessments of the problem and more importantly providing a clear solution. Her analysis of the failed drug war was spot on despite the fact she held the job merely for 19 days. As Vice-President, Leni Robredo has the duty to lead when the President cannot,” they added.

“We should all demand that he appoint Vice-President Leni Robredo to do this fight. He owes it to all of us, especially the 16 million who trusted and voted for him. If the President is not capable, give the power to the Vice-President. If the President cannot lead, let the Vice-President lead,” they also said.

As of writing, the post already reached thousands of shares on social media.

Vice President Robredo already asked the netizens to protect themselves and share verified info about COVID-19.

“Kaya naman patuloy din ang pagpapaalala natin sa ating mga kababayan na huwag mag-panic, maging kalmado at alerto, at magbahagi lamang ng mga wastong impormasyon mula sa mga kinauukulan,” she said.


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