“Hindi takot mahawa!” President Duterte is not going to follow ‘no-touch’ policy amid COVID-19 scare

President Rodrigo Duterte declined the “no-touch” policy proposal of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) amid COVID-19 scare.

In a press conference on Monday, Duterte called the proposal as nonsense, saying that he’s not afraid to get infected by COVID-19 because he’s already prepared for the worst.


“Kalokohan yan… I will shake hands… Alam mo kung tawagin na ako ng Diyos sa oras na ito, pupunta na ako, tapos na ako, naging Presidente na ako… pinakamataas na maabot ng isang tao, ang mga anak ko okay na,” Duterte said.

The President said that even his partner Honeylet Avacena cannot stop him from attending events because he believes that visiting different locations in the country is part of his job.

However, he said that he might agree not to attend some events if some of his staff or the audience refuse to go because of being afraid to get infected by COVID.

“I will not decline invitations, I will shake hands with everybody, I am going to Mindanao visit my soldiers, and to congratulate my warriors,” the President said.


According to the proposal of the PSG, personalities who are planning to go near the President should be screened carefully.

They’re also planning to implement the same rules to the presidential family.


“These include PSG personnel, politicians, and dignitaries. Large crowd gatherings with President Duterte as guest of honor and speaker shall be assessed and could be canceled not only for his safety but also for the attendees,” PSG commander Colonel Jesus Durante said.

“All established health protocols and preventive measures are continuously in effect to all PSG personnel and the whole Malacañang Complex.” he added.

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