“Parang pelikula lang!” Some Netizens side with the ex-security guard who led San Juan hostage-taking

The man who led a hostage-taking in an establishment in San Juan City got unusual support from the netizens who believed that he’s fighting for inequality.

The 9-hour hostage standoff ended on Monday night after the former security guard, Archie Panay released the victims who are all workers of the establishment and allowed to talk to the media despite being still armed.

Panay revealed that he experienced inequality and saw the corruption being performed by the higher officials of the mall and his former security agency SASCOR.

He accused the higher security officials of SASCOR of asking P5,000 from the tenants of the mall.

When Panay told San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora that he preferred to end up in the cemetery after the presscon, the authorities started to move to disarm the hostage-taker.

Despite the successful move of law enforcers against Panay, some netizens didn’t like what they did to the security guard.

Una sa lahat wala ng laban yong Guard” dahil nakapalibot ang Pulis & Swat sumuko na at mahinahon siyang nagbigay ng kanyang saloobin pwede siyang arestohin ng maayos bakit kaylangan dambahin dumogin..? ang OA nyu mga pasikat! netizen Ronald Eli said.

“Is the pinning down by so many authorities really needed?” Czari Oliveras commented.

“Nakaka dismaya yung mga pulis there were no resistance kay kuya and kitang kita naman na wala siyang planong tumakas or what so ever, at that point planting of evidence ay pede nila magawa how they tuckle and approach the suspect and para palayuin yung media from the scene, too fishy for their action,” netizen 김큰솥 said.

A netizen even stated that Panay is just fighting for his right, but in the wrong way.

“Salute to this guy- A real brave man speaks not only for himself instead speak for the others that has been treated wrong by their employers/bosses and other upper management even the consequences for his action is his life. Brave man but in the wrong situation. May god bless you sir.” Walter Estamo remarked.

Some even dedicated a poem for Panay, telling the world that he’s also a father, and a victim but stood up to speak against the corruption of his former superiors.

“He is brave, but he is wrong.
He is a victim, but he stood up to speak.
He is poor, but he has dignity.
He is a worker, but he deserves respect.
He is a guard, but he also needs protection.
He is human, and he has his right.
He has less in life, but he has more in law.
He is a father.
He is a husband.
He is a co-worker.
He is a friend.” the Facebook page wrote.

Despite the support from the netizens, Panay is going to face multiple charges.

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