Netizen writes striking letter to ABS-CBN: “Mabubuhay parin ng Pilipinas at Pilipino ng wala kayo!”

A netizen writes an open letter to ABS-CBN, reminding the broadcasting company that the Filipinos can still live normally without them.

In a Facebook post by netizen Joe Smith Medina against ABS-CBN, claimed that the Philippine government has the right to remove the franchise of the broadcasting network anytime.

“You don’t own the license, it’s owned by the Philippines. Katulad ng alinmang lisensya ito ay pinahihiram lang sa atin ng estado na kahit kelan ay pwedeng kunin din ng estado,” Medina said.

“We are reminding you that Franchise is not a right but a privilege. As a privilege it is subject for assessment, investigation, revocation, award or suspension. Don’t also project that you are the representative of Freedom of the Press,” he added.

“Don’t pressure the Philippines and its institutions for the sake of your business which spreads propaganda, fake news and editorial broadcasting,” he also said.

Medina also believed that the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN should not be prioritized by the lawmakers as there are more important issues that should be addressed by Congress.

The netizen said that the broadcasting company should stop acting like a God and insisting that their network is a basic necessity for every Filipinos.

“Your issue isn’t important, the pressing issues now are about improving the lives of the Filipinos, liberating our economy and most of all distributing the fruit of our economy to the Filipinos,” he said.

“Mabubuhay pa din ang Pilipinas at Pilipino ng wala kayo, hindi kayo ang gumagawa ng hangin, puno, pera, damit, pagkain, tubig, at higit sa lahat hindi kayo Diyos. Kapag nagsara kayo patuloy pa din iikot ang mundo, hindi kayo ang sentro ng buhay namin,” he added.

He said that the freedom of the press is still there despite the issues being faced by ABS-CBN, mentioning media outlets that being criticized by President Duterte, but still operating.

Medina also cited several politicians that are still in their position despite being a critic of the President.

“Our democracy is very liberated under Duterte, the freedom of expression is very vibrant,” he said.

ABS-CBN is facing franchise issues after President Duterte became a vocal critic of the broadcasting company.

Despite the apology from Kapamilya executives, the President didn’t tell if he already changed his mind.

Source: Joe Medina

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