Sen. Recto asks NTC: “Bakit ipapasara ang ABS-CBN kung wala naman palang penalty?”

Senator Ralph Recto asked the National Telecommunication Commission Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba why they’re going to close down ABS-CBN despite the network having no pending penalty records to their agency.

During the Senate hearing on ABS-CBN, Recto asked Cordoba about the possible consequences of the franchise expiration of the broadcasting company, asking what would happen to the employees of the said network and how they’re going to pay their debts in different banks in the country.

He then asked Cordoba if ABS-CBN has a penalty with the NTC, which the NTC commissioner answered no.

Recto said that the closing of ABS-CBN may be too much if the network doesn’t have any violation with the NTC.

“And here we are talking about the possibility of closing the station, so far you are the regulator and you’re not complaining of any penalty, in effect parang capital punishment, wala naman palang penalty, bakit natin isasara kung walang penalty sa inyo?” Recto said.

“Assuming na may penalty sa inyo edi pag multahin nalang, bakit kailangan pang isara?” he added.

Cordoba fails to answer the question of Recto.

ABS-CBN’s franchise is set to expire in March 2020 and some Senators are already asking the NTC if they’re going to give a temporary license to operate to the tv station for two to three more years.

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