Sen. Dela Rosa denies owning a luxury watch worth 25-M pesos: “Desperate itong mga bayarang trolls!”

Senator Ronald Dela Rosa denied the accusations of some netizens that he owns a luxury watch that worth P25,000,000.

A certain Elgin Lazaro III posted a photo of Dela Rosa on his Facebook post highlighting the watch wearing by the Senator.

The post claimed that the accessory wearing by Dela Rosa in the photo is a Richard Mille watch worth P25-M, questioning how a Senator of a republic who’s only earning 300,000 pesos monthly could afford such luxury.

Dela Rosa who saw the post responded to the accusations of his critics, calling them desperate for spreading disinformation about him.

According to Dela Rosa, the watch he’s wearing is not a Richard Mille, but another brand of watch which can be afforded even by the minimum wage earners.

In the photo posted by Dela Rosa, it showed that the watch he’s wearing worth 7,000 pesos and a gift from a friend.

“Tingnan mo naman how desperate itong mga bayarang trolls just to destroy the reputation of a person. Ang suot kong murang relo na invicta pilit gawing richard mills. Tingnan mo ,ugok, ang totoong relong suot ko nasa last picture. Bring it on yellows and oligarch puppets!….ito kasi si Roy Rondilla binigyan pa ako nitong relo na ito hindi na lang ginawang rolex!” said Dela Rosa.

The man who gave him the watch defended Dela Rosa, saying that he presented it to the former PNP chief, one year before he was elected as a senator.

This is not the first time that Dela Rosa was accused by his critics of owning expensive things that cannot be simply afforded by anyone.

In 2018, Dela Rosa has been questioned by his critics for wearing expensive pants, claiming that the jeans he’s wearing worth P25,000.

However, Dela Rosa revealed that he bought the pants in Las Vegas for only $49.99.

“Sa mga losers na ginagawang big issue ang pagsusuot ko ng true religion pants, look at the price! Just pm me your size at bibilhan kita dito mr. inggitero.”Dela Rosa said.

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