Netizens speculate that Sarah Geronimo’s mother allegedly wants to handle all her child’s asset before wedding

The surprise wedding of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli captured the attention of social media.

However, the netizens do not seem interested in the main event of the wedding and they’re more curious about what happened during the sidelines of the event.

It was reported that the mother of Sarah Geronimo, Divina suddenly appeared to the wedding of her child despite being not invited to the said event.

There’s also a police blotter revealing that Guidicelli allegedly confronted one of the security personnel of his wife, accusing him of informing Divina about the wedding and spoiling the private wedding.

It’s already known that the mother Sarah Geronimo, ‘Mommy Divine’ was rumored to be a very strict parent to her daughter as the singer/actress is still hesitating to enter a married life despite being in her 30s already.

Twitter users didn’t stop in gathering clues and information about what happened to the wedding of Sarah and Matteo, and one netizen even saw a blind item posted by entertainment blog Fashion Pulis two weeks ago that may answer all the questions why Divina was not invited to the wedding of her own child.

The post of Twitter  @sportshecklerrr shows the screenshot from Fashion Pulis’ blind item about a story about a mother who wanted to transfer all the assets of her child under her name.

“When Future Bride (FB) found out the drama of AE and HP, she decided to talk to her kin. AE was firm to show her dislike for the forthcoming event and obviously, for the Future Husband (FH). While FB has been pleading for AE to cooperate, she was not at all listening and instead, she was focused on reading documents. Later, the documents turned out to be the prenup and other papers that would allegedly place under her name everything that FB owns. AE said that she would only have peace of mind if FB turns over everything to her. Her goal is to ensure that FH will not get any assets of FB in case they separate in the future. FB, at that point, refused to sign, citing that her love for FH is immeasurable,” Fashion Pulis wrote on their article.

Some netizen assumed that the mother in the story is Mommy Divine and her actions in the story forced the couple to disinvite her to the wedding of her child.

Twitter users also debated if it is really appropriate for Mommy Divine to still decide for her child who’s already 31 years old.

“Mommy Divine just being real asf.. no bs thing or something.. at gusto ko pagka segurista niya as a mother lalo sa panahon ngayon na naglipana mga oportunista,” netizen @reimund_resha12 said.

“Hindi reponsibility ng anak ang magulang. Period,” @rednakuring commented.

“Why can’t Sarah just do the prenup? No need to transfer her properties to her mother. The prenup is enough. If Matteo is really rich and not insecure, he will agree to that prenup to avoid trouble. Tama naman talaga na mukhang hambog yong taong yon. Just do the prenup!” @thedamnbrown remarked.

“Isa lang ibig sabihin, mas mahalaga pera kay mommy divine kaysa kay sarah, may malasakit siya sa perang pinaghirapan ni sarah, kesa kay sarah, hindi pa nga kinakasal ang nasa isip na paghihiwalay abay advance mag isip,” @couzmot23 twitted.

Sarah and Matteo are not yet releasing a statement on the issues that happened during their wedding.

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