Sen. Dela Rosa to DJ Chacha who calls him ‘tuta’: “Baka Chacha lang ang alam niyan?”

Senator Ronald Dela Rosa responded to a disk jockey who asked for his resignation after he announced that he’s going to “sink and swim” with President Duterte whatever happens.

In a text message to Inquirer, Dela Rosa told Czarina Balba, better known as DJ Chacha, that there’s nothing wrong with being loyal to a President who’s known for taking care of its people.

He also questioned the capabilities of the DJ, suspecting that Balba only knows how to dance ‘chacha.’ while the man she criticized already risked his life many times while serving the country as a policeman.

“Mali ba ang maging loyal sa isang (Is it wrong to be loyal to a) duly elected President who is after the welfare of his people and who is willing to confront the oligarchs who have been bastardizing this country for so long ?” Dela Rosa said.

“Sabihan mo si DJ Chacha baka ang alam lang nya ay magchacha, ilang beses kong sinugal ang buhay ko para sa inang bayan just to let her know,” he also said.

Dela Rosa also refused to resign, saying that Balba is obviously not one of his 19-M voters.

“I was voted upon by 19-M Filipinos at ‘yang tumatawag sa aking resignation ang binoto niya ‘yung mga natalo,” Dela Rosa referring to Otso Diretso candidates who all got defeated last senatorial elections.

Yesterday, Balba made fun of Dela Rosa’s statement about his loyalty to President Duterte, suggesting that the senator should just apply to become the President’s bodyguard instead of working as a lawmaker.

Dela Rosa also supported the franchise expiration of ABS-CBN where Balba is working, saying that the welfare of the whole Filipino nation is more important than thinking about the 11,000 workers of the broadcasting company that could lose their job.

“I suggest mag-resign na dapat si Senator Bato sa pagiging senador at mag-apply na Bodyguard ng Presidente tutal naman ang loyalty niya ay sa Pangulo at hindi sa taong bayan,” she said.

“Yan ang mahirap kapag mahilig kayong bumoto ng mga politikong PUPPET ang role sa gobyerno. Wag kang umasa na marunong silang tumayo at ipaglaban ang tama kase nagfufunction ang utak nila alinsunod sa pinuno nila,” she added.

Balba is working as a disc jockey in MOR 101.9, a radio station owned by ABS-CBN.

She also became a contestant of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 but decided to leave the reality show early because of her job.

“Iniisip ko rin po ang trabaho ko outside kasi ako po ang nagpapalaki mag-isa sa bata so I can’t really lose my job,” Chacha said in an interview in 2016.

When ABS-CBN’s franchise expires, MOR 101.9 is going to close down also together with other radio stations owned by the broadcasting company.

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