Radio host slams Vice Ganda: “Yan ang kinabubuhay mo, ang daanin sa biro ang pang aalipusta sa kapwa mo.”

A radio host criticized television host Vice Ganda, Jose Marie Viceral in real life after the latter called the critics of ABS-CBN as ‘trolls’.

On February 11, Viceral made a tweet to defend ABS-CBN from the criticisms online.

She then proceeded in calling the critics of ABS-CBN as internet ‘trolls’.

“Bukas ang ipapakalat naman ng mga trolls ABS CBN di nagbayad ng kuryente. Tapos susunod naman di nagbayad ng tubig. Tapos di nagbayad ng cable. Tapos di nagbayad ng GRAB. Tapos di nagbayad ng milktea. Tapos di nagbayad sa tong its. Hanggang sa di na nagbayad sa paluwagan,” Viceral tweeted.

One of the netizens who saw the tweet of Viceral is radio host Mark Lopez who’s a known supporter of the government and a critic of ABS-CBN.

On his Facebook post, Lopez said that Viceral’s only talent is to make a joke by mocking other people.

“Sure Mr. Jose Marie Viceral, you can mock and belittle those who are making a stand against your network’s egregious sins against the Filipinos,” Lopez said.

“Jan ka naman magaling eh. Yan ang kinabubuhay mo, ang daanin sa biro ang pang aalipusta sa kapwa mo. Trolls talaga ha?” he added.

“No wonder ikaw ang poster child at pambato ng ABS CBN. You and your so-called talent,” he also said.

The radio host then sarcastically thanked Viceral for contributing to what’s happening now to the taste of Filipinos when it comes to cinemas and television shows.

Lopez believes that one of the reasons why the some people are supporting the franchise expiration of ABS-CBN because they wanted to ‘level up’ the content being watched by the televiewers.

“Perhaps there is a reason why the clamor to shutdown the Kapamilya Network is much louder than all of your shrill and bravado. By the way, thank you so much for contributing heavily to the dumbing down of our citizenry,” Lopez said.

“Baka kaya malakas na ang panawagan na isara ang ABS CBN eh dahil panahon na para naman mag level up na ang Pilipino,” he added.

The post of Lopez reached 4,600 reactions on social media and 462 shares.



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