Enchong Dee on ABS-CBN’s possible closure: Ang pagsasara ng ABS-CBN ay banta sa demokrasya

Actor Enchong Dee made a statement that urging everybody to support and defend ABS-CBN amid the challenges being faced by the television network because its closure may also endanger not only jobs but also the democracy in the country.

On a tweet, Dee complained about some artists who prefer to protect their own reputation than speaking out against wrongdoings to defend democracy.

He expressed anger, sadness, and concern at the same time as his network is being accused amid its possible closure because of its franchise problems.

“I always tell people that, ‘Artists should be the first line of democracy.’ People tend to agree, but mostly do nothing about it or get reprimanded for saying something political. Very few listen and even fewer are brave enough to stand their ground because of their ‘reputation,’” the actor said.

“Now that ABS-CBN (my home for almost 15 years) is being wrongly accused of many things, I am angry. I am sad. I am bothered,” he added.

However, Dee is hopeful that they’re going to survive the challenges being faced by the said broadcasting network.

According to him, he’s going to prioritize his role as a ‘Filipino’ than his current job because he wanted to defend the democracy and constitution of the Philippines.

“I know that we will rise together stronger than ever before kasama ng libo libong empleyado ng ABS CBN. I am a Filipino first and my job comes second, let’s be vigilant not only because jobs are in peril, but mainly because we are Filipinos fighting for the democracy and constitution of our country,”

He then said that no amount of ‘paid trolls’ are going to change his beliefs.

“I am not afraid to lose my little popularity,” he said.

Some of his followers also shared their thoughts on Dee’s post.

“Well, if your co-actors like Vice Ganda and the Gonzaga sisters didn’t become enablers of Duterte, he would not even think of advancing his strongman rule. Sadly, not many celebrities can be artists. And not many celebrities could be as socially aware like you,” netizen @isabelfelixdin said.

“The other stars of your network should speak up for the sake of the thousands of employees who will be losing jobs and how much this will impact their families. Hindi pwedeng #IkawLangIto dahil maraming buhay ang maaapektuhan dito,” netizen @pinoymommy remarked.

The post already reached 17,000 likes on Twitter.

Aside from Dee, celebrities like Regine Velasquez, Vice Ganda, Bianca Gonzales, Angeline Quinto, Dingdong Dantes, and Jim Paredes expressed their support to the ABS-CBN.

ABS CBN’s franchise is set to expire in March 2020, however the broadcasting network is facing additional problem as the Office of the Solicitor General filed a quo warranto petition against them before the Supreme Court.

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