Solgen Calida confronts ABS-CBN reporter after filing quo warranto: “Practice ka na lang. Magkita tayo sa court.”

Solicitor General Jose Calida has a message to the ABS-CBN reporter who keeps asking him questions after he filed a quo warranto petition against the television network giant.

On Monday, Calida who’s rushing to leave the Supreme Court met with ABS-CBN reporter Mike Navallo.

Instead of Navallo, the Solicitor General is the one who asked questions to the journalist who later on revealed that he’s also a lawyer from Surigao.

“You’re a lawyer? You’re from Cagayan de Oro?” Calida asked the reporter.

“Surigao, why sir?” Navallo asked.

“Because I’m also from Mindanao,” Calida said.

When the Solicitor General is leaving the area already, Navallo is one of the journalists who tried to follow Calida to his vehicle and asked for a copy of the quo warranto petition.

Calida then told Navallo to go back practicing law again and meet him in court.

“Lagi mo akong binabanatan. Abogado ka rin pala e… Practice ka na lang, baka magkita tayo sa court,” he said.

The journalist couldn’t do anything but to explain that he’s only doing his job to write stories, including about Calida.

After the awkward encounter, several netizens and personalities expressed their support to Navallo including his boss Ging Reyes.

“Kudos @mikenavallo for your professionalism,” Reyes said.

Even Leah Navarro told Calida that Navallo is only doing his job.

“No, Calida,  @mikenavallo is doing his job as a journalist. You, however, seem to be working passionately to frighten Philippine media into submission. Your mandate is to work for our people, not to carry out the frivolous whims of Duterte,” she said.

As a response, Navallo thanked the artist for her support.

Jim Paredes also sent a message of support to the journalist.

The franchise of ABS-CBN is set to expire at the end of March 2020.


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