Maguindanao Mayor who allegedly involved in 2016 Davao blast gunned down in Malate

Talitay, Maguindanao Mayor Abdulwahab Sabal was found lifeless after being gunned down by still unknown suspect in Malate, Manila on Monday.

The politician was found lying in front of a hotel in Quirino Avenue.

Authorities quickly surrounded the area and still investigating the cause of the incident.

Sabal was detained in 2016 after the authorities found firearms, explsives, and shabu in his house.

After a month, Sabal and his wife received temporary freedom after posting bail.

He was also accused of being involved in the Davao City blast in 2016 after the authorities found that the IED used in the incident is similar to what they found at Sabal’s house.

However, the authorities said that the similarities between the two IEDs are not enough evidence to link Sabal in the said incident.

He’s also included in the narcolist of President Rodrigo Duterte together with his brother Montasir Sabal who admitted that he’s involved in shabu trade when he was still a police officer, but immediately stopped when he entered politics.




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