Tarlac netizens to national goverment: Sa Davao niyo nalang i-quarantine ang mga OFW galing Wuhan!

The people of Tarlac suggested the national government to bring the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) from Wuhan to President Duterte’s hometown, Davao City, instead of putting them in New Clark City near Capas.

On the post of Capas Information Office, it can be shown that people of the said municipality are thankful for their mayor, Reynaldo Catacutan who publicly opposed the plan of the government to set a quarantine zone in New Clark City.

According to some netizens from Tarlac, if the President wanted to take care of the OFWs from Wuhan, he should let them stay in Davao City instead of putting them in other provinces, saying that his bailiwick is a big place.

“A BIG NO to NCC (New Clark City) Quarantine!!! Bring it instead to Davao…Thanks to our Beloved Mayor! God bless us all Capaseños!” netizen Nitz Mendoza Caliolio

“Sa davao lawak ng davao, dun u dalhin,” May Lenon Arandia commented.

A netizen also suggested that the people of Tarlac should organize a rally to show their opposition on the plan of the government.

“Dapat magsagawa ng RALLY PROTEST tyong mga mamayan ng capas at kalapit bayan natin para mapigilan na gawin quarantine ang bayan natin as soon as possible,” netizen Ariel Sigua said.

Another resident of Capas said that they know the sacrifice of the OFWs, but they doubt that Capas can handle the situation once the coronavirus spread to their municipality.

“Naiintindihan po natin mga kababayan natin ng sakrapisyo sa ibang bansa.. kawawa naman sila prang pinagtatabuyan.. sana maintindihan nlang din po nila na wala tayo sapat na pera para pang pagamot.. hirap din po isakarapisyo mga pamilya natin sa Capas. Sana wag po sana Capas.. malapit lang kmi jan sa new clark city.. sa brgy .cristo rey lang kmi.. Mayor Reycat salamat sana totoo at makahanap pa sila ng ibang pwede mapupuntahan,” Capas Serama Birds said.\

Netizen Marilou Vergara also pointed out that the government should consult the people of Capas before deciding to put the OFWs in New Clark City.

“It is just proper that the people of capas be consulted on the matter. Mayor catacutan is right, while we dont object for the repatriation, the health of the local resident will be at risk. This is not a totally isolated area. People come and go, are not prepared what might happen eventually. Please spare us also,” she said.

Capas Tarlac Mayor Reynaldo Catacutan on Friday publicly opposed the plan of the government to bring all the rescued OFWs from China to New Clark City.

“We acknowledge that the Bases Conversion and Development Authority has full jurisdiction over NCC, but I, as the Mayor of Capas, appeal in behalf of all Capaseños to our dear President Rodrigo Duterte and DOH Secretary Francisco Duque to consider another place or facility as isolation area,” he said.

Catacutan said that they’re not informed about the plan of the government.

“I feel perturbed by the fact that the Department of Health (DOH) did not at all, in any way, involve the Capas LGU in its last-minute decision for New Clark City Capas to be used as a quarantine zone for these Persons under Monitoring,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Pampanga province said that they’re ready to handle the OFWs if more places are going to reject them.

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