WATCH: China built a 1000-bed capacity hospital in just 10 days

The Chinese government successfully built a 1000-bed capacity hospital in just ten days amid the 2019-nCoV outbreak happening in Wuhan and other parts of China.

China has finished building the Huoshenshan (Fire God Mountain) Hospital in Wuhan City, Hubei province on Sunday after 10 days of construction.

The said hospital was built by the Chinese government as part of the emergency action on the increasing cases of nCoV in Hubei Province where the said virus was believed to be originated.

After it was completed, the said hospital quickly admit patients who are suspected to be carrying 2019-nCoV.

According to some reports, the hospital has an area of 25,000 square meters, has 1,000 beds and going to be handled by 1,400 medical staff from the People’s Liberation Army.

They’re also building a second emergency hospital called Leishenshan or Thunder-God Mountain Hospital.

CGTN also posted a time-lapse video showing how fast is the construction of the said hospital.

The Chinese Government received praise from some netizens in the Philippines after they made an amazing feat of building a big hospital in just 10 days.

“Sa pinas aabutin ng limang taon bago matapos,” netizen Em Jong said.

“Kung sa pinas. sus 3 yrs. haligi pa,” netizen Macdo Cebrian commented.

“Sense of urgency ang kapuri-puri sa kanila. E ano naman kung hindi iyan tunay na gusali at container van lang na pinagpatong-patong? Ang mahalaga, nagawa agad nila iyan sa loob ng maikling panahon at nakakabilib iyon. Wala nang argument na kailangan dito kundi panalangin na sana tuluyan nang matapos ang pagkalat ng virus na iyan,” Iya Gueta remarked.

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