Thai doctors possibly discover the cure for coronavirus after their patient declared free from nCov after 48 hours

Doctors working in Thailand have possibly discovered the cure for the 2019-novel coronavirus after their nCoV patient’s condition improved in just 48 hours.

The good news was announced by Dr. Kriangsak Attipornwanich during the press briefing of Thailand’s Public Health Ministry, saying that the said patient became negative in nCoV after trying a mixture of drugs for HIV and Influenza.

According to them, they checked the respiratory system of the patient and found no trace of the virus.

“I had treated a patient with a severe condition, and the result has been very satisfactory. The patient’s condition has improved very quickly within 48 hours. And the test result has also changed from being positive into negative within 48 hours as well,” Atipornwanich said.

Some reports also mentioned that hospitals in Beijing, China are using the same method to their patients, however, it’s not yet known if they’re successful in treating them.

There are already 19 confirmed cases of nCoV in Thailand and there are also 311 patients being observed by the doctors.



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