Jim Paredes asks if the President is ‘insane’ already after planning to junk VFA

OPM artist Jim Paredes couldn’t hide his disappointment to President Rodrigo Duterte after the latter warned the U.S of the possible cancellation of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) if they’re not going to correct the visa issue of his ally, Senator Ronald Dela Rosa.

On a tweet, Paredes asked his followers how a sane leader would consider terminating VFA just because his ally lost his access to the U.S.

“What sane leader would risk the stability and standing of his country because Bato’s US Visa was taken away?” said Paredes.


He even made a survey to ask his followers what they think of the mental capabilities of the chief executive now and most of them answered that the President is ‘insane’ already.


In the 861 votes, 90% of his followers answered that the President is ‘insane’ while only 9% said that Duterte is still in normal condition.

Paredes also pointed out the benefits being gained by the Armed Forces of the Philippines to the VFA where the Filipino and American soldiers are doing training together.

“Most of our military junior officers were trained by the US. Our weapons too. Our strategic alliance wd the US is part of our national defense. To just suddenly end it cuz of one man’s visa problem is not well thought out and frankly, dangerously stupd,” said Paredes.

Yesterday Duterte made the surprising statement against the U.S and only gave them one month to fix the visa of Dela Rosa.

“I warning you this is the first time, pag hindi ninyo ginawa ang correction diyan, one, I will terminate the bases visiting forces agreement. Tapusin ko yang p*tang i*na. I am giving notice and they begin to count. I am giving government and the American government one month from now,” said Duterte.

VFA is an agreement signed between the Philippines and the U.S in 1998.

Under the agreement, the American troops are not required to have a passport and visa when entering and leaving the Philippines.

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