Duterte gives one month to US to fix Dela Rosa’s visa or else he will terminate Visiting Forces Agreement

President Rodrigo Duterte has a serious warning to the United States of America after it was reportedly canceled the visa of one of his closest allies, Senator Ronald Dela Rosa.

During a speech in Leyte, Duterte expressed his disappointment with the action of the US against Dela Rosa.

Duterte gave one month to the US to fix the visa issue of Dela Rosa or else he’s going to cancel the visiting forces agreement between the Philippines and America.

“I warning you this is the first time, pag hindi ninyo ginawa ang correction diyan, one, I will terminate the bases visiting forces agreement. Tapusin ko yang p*tang i*na. I am giving notice and they begin to count. I am giving government and the American government one month from now,” said Duterte.

Kahiyaan ‘yan sa militar. Biro mo, isang sundalo nagtatrabaho lang tapos ganunin nila. I am putting them to humiliation itong mga pulis, mga sundalo.” he added.

VFA is an agreement signed between the Philippines and the U.S in 1998.

Under the agreement, the American troops are not required to have a passport and visa when entering and leaving the Philippines.

The US also has the right to handle its military personnel if they break the law while in the Philippines except if the charges are only punishable in the Philippines but not in the US.

Senator Dela Rosa responded to the President’s statement saying that he doesn’t “want his people treated unfairly”.

“I don’t deserve this bargain but it is not all about me. It is about one-sided foreign relations. Okay lang mga sundalo nila labas pasok sa ating teritoryo while a senator of this republic is barred from entering their territory due to their intentions of tinkering with our domestic affairs,” said Dela Rosa.

Aside from his warning against the U.S, President Duterte also said that he rejected the invitation of American President Donald Trump to attend a summit in Las Vegas in March.


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