Police vehicle destroyed by alleged Black Nazarene devotee after not being allowed to go near the image

A police vehicle was alleged destroyed by a group of Black Nazarene devotees after they were not allowed to go near the image as part of new security measures for the Traslación.

In a photo posted by Gideon Tangas Ines Jr. one of the cops who guarded the Traslación, they were approached by a group of men, and when they told them that they’re not allowed to go near the image, they started to step at the top of the vehicle they’re using.

It’s not yet clear if the devotees intentionally damaged the vehicle because of the tension between them and the cops.

Ines added that the devotees show signs of drunkenness.

“Mga amoy alak, lumalaki ang mga mata yan ba ang mga deboto? Sinira at inapak-apakan pa ang LRAD at lead vehicle ng andas,” Ines said.

Another cop who secured the Traslación said that some devotees are not cooperating with the authorities.

Parang masaya sila nakakapanakit eh … Sumbag dine, sumbag dito,” LtCol Loreto Sara, the military’s ground commander at Ayala Boulevard told CNN Philippines in an interview.

Nananapak ng paa … Marami dito nakainom, so ‘pag nakainom, malakas loob,” he added.

In this year’s Traslación, devotees complained about the new security measures implemented by the Philippine National Police.

Ibang-iba ang Traslacion ngayon ng Nazareno hindi katulad dati. Ngayon parang Traslacion ng mga pulis,” one devotee said on social media.

Because of the new rules, many devotees were failed to go near the image.

Meanwhile, Father Douglas Badong of Quiapo Church apologized to the authorities for the actions of some of the devotees.

According to the priest, the devotees might be surprised by the new rules implemented during the Traslación that’s why they’re still hard to be disciplined.

Mayor Isko Moreno then made a statement revealing that they’re planning for more strict rules next year for the Traslación.

“Unang-una piyesta ng Quiapo, hindi piyesta ng Luneta, hindi piyesta ng Malate. We might consider more changes in the near future because we have also to respect others’ rights to use the roads lalo na ‘yung mga major thoroughfare,” Moreno said.



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