Parents of Jeanelyn Villavende will not accept any blood money offers from their child’s Kuwaiti employer

The parents of Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Jeanelyn Villavende vowed that they would not accept any money being offered by the Kuwaiti employer of their child.

The Kuwaiti employer of Jeanelyn Villavende is the suspect on the demise of the OFW and the government of the Philippines is now doing their best to prosecute the accused.

However, the employer of Villavende could escape facing punishment if ever that the family of the victim accepts the “Diyah” or blood money being offered by the suspect.

But according to Abelardo Villavende, the father of Jeanelyn, no amount of money could replace the life of their daughter.

According to Mr. Villavende, it would be a big insult to her daughter if they’re going to accept the blood money.

They’re also hoping that the Kuwaiti employer of his daughter would face capital punishment.

The suspect cannot force the family of the victim to accept the Diya as Mr. Villavende already opposed any kind of compromise.

One website said that the case of Villavende could cost the suspect KD10,000 (1.6-1.7-M pesos) worth of Diyah.

Netizens praised Mr. Villavende for refusing to accept any money from the Kuwaiti employer despite not having a good standard of living.

“Tama lang na hindi tatanggapin ng minsan naman magkaroon ng ngipin ang batas natin jan sa pinas at matoto nadin yang mga halimaw na ibang lahi,” netizen Tiguman Rose said.

Department of Foreign Affairs Teodoro Locsin said that they’re going to hire the “best Kuwaiti lawyers” to give justice to Villavende.

“They think they own the person [that’s why] they treat them as a slave? I told them (Kuwaiti officials), ‘Don’t ever tell that to me again. If you use that as an excuse, I will slap you.” Locsin said in a radio interview.

“An Arab is a very smart person. They know that no matter what you pay, they are not slaves,” he added.


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