Sen. Bato on fight against drugs: “kailangan pa natin ng isa pang Duterte para magtuloy-tuloy ang trabaho.”

Senator Ronald Dela Rosa believes that the Duterte administration is running out of time in fighting lawbreakers and drugs.

In an interview with dwIZ, Dela Rosa said that there are only two years left before President Rodrigo Duterte steps down, and he wanted someone to continue what the current administration started.

He suggested that another member of the Duterte family should be the next President, so the work of the current chief executive continues.

‚ÄúRunning out of time kaya siguro kailangan pa natin ng isa pang Duterte para magtuloy-tuloy ang trabaho,” said Dela Rosa.

According to him, there are some politicians qualified to be the President. However, they’re not at the same level of toughness as Duterte.

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte is one of the possible candidates in the 2022 presidential election, however, the lady politician is still not talking about her future political plans.

Dela Rosa also believes that pushing for the revival of capital punishment could help the government in eliminating lawbreakers.

This 2020, he said that he would ask the committee to talk about the possible revival of capital punishment.


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