Twitter users defend gold medalist Carlos Yulo after he expresses support to Duterte: “Your political stance doesn’t entirely define you”

Twitter users came to rescue SEA Games gold medalist Carlos Yulo from the criticisms he received from the netizens after he revealed that he supports President Rodrigo Duterte.

Yulo raised the eyebrows of some netizens on social media after he made a positive response to a fan who asked if he supports the President.

The high number of criticisms made Yulo delete his tweet and made a clarification that he’s not well-aware of what’s happening in the country.

However, some Twitter users expressed their support to Yulo and defended him from his critics.

Some of the Yulo’s supporters said that what some netizens are doing to the gymnast is “disgusting”.

“People condemning Carlos Yulo for supporting Duterte is so disgusting. I mean I got friends who are Duterte supporters and we’re still friends. Your political stance doesn’t entirely define you,” netizen @npaperpen said.

Netizen @iskonglasalista said that some of the netizens are becoming a “dictator” as they criticized Yulo because his beliefs are different from them.

“After questioning the legitimacy of the 2019 SEA Games gold medal wins of Agatha Wong because of her being of Chinese descent, the Yellows and Reds on social media now attack Carlos Yulo because the kid supports President Duterte. Guess who is being a dictator and intolerant now?” @iskonglasalista twitted.

@krizha_quieen wrote on her social media page that the support of Yulo to Duterte is understandable as the President assisted the athletes.

“Why so mad at Carlos Yulo supporting the president like people shut up… anyway only during Duterte‘s administration where Filipino athletes receive their hard-worked money, compared to the past administration even one incentive Filipino athletes does not receive as much,” 

@RealMRAccount urged the netizens not to force Yulo to change his beliefs.

“Ang akin lang naman, pakialam ng katamihan sa political views nya? Yun ang paniniwala nya so LET HIM believe it. We can’t just shade the rest because we want them to believe what we like,” @realmraaccount remarked.

Yulo who gave two golds and five silver medals in the last Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in his latest post said that he’s willing to learn from the people who wanted to teach him about what’s really happening with the country.

“At 19 alam ko pong marami pa kong mga kailangan matutunan bilang tao at bilang mabuting Pilipino. Maraming salamat po sa mga taong gusto akong imulat at ieducate sa estado ng Bansa. Everyday is a chance to learn,” said Yulo.

A netizen even asked Yulo to talk with Kabataan party-list Rep. Sarah Elago, however, the athlete is not yet responding to the offer.



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