Brit netizen approves Duterte’s plan to require americans to get visa: “He’s clearly showing the world that they are a strong country”

A British netizen expressed his support to President Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to require American citizens to get a visa first before being allowed to travel to the Philippines.

On a Facebook post, Malcolm Conlan, also known as “British Pinoy-at-heart,” said that he’s wondering why the government is letting the US citizens travel to the Philippines visa-free. At the same time, Filipinos have a hard time to enter America.

He also questioned the move of the American politicians who pushed for the ban of the Filipino government officials and other people involved in the detention of Senator Leila De Lima from visiting U.S

According to him, the move of President Duterte is a clear message to the US that the Philippines is a strong country and cannot be pressured by powerful nations like America.


This is what Conlan said:

“I agree entirely with PRRD. Why should Americans enter the Philippines visa-free when America wants to ban PH diplomats based on fake news and hearsay?

Why is it also right that US citizens are afforded the privilege of entering the Philippines visa-free, yet Philippine citizens have to go through such a difficult and even expensive process to obtain US visas?

I am very glad that the Philippines and indeed President Duterte is clearly showing the world that they are a strong country and will not be dictated too by peddlers of fake news and LP fanatics.


Hopefully, this move will also lead to better visa reciprocal arrangements being agreed too,”

On Friday, Malacanang Palace announced that they’re planning to require all Americans to get a visa before traveling to PH if they insist in enforcing the entry ban against Filipino officials who were involved in the detention of De Lima.

“Lahat. Kung ie-enforce nila. Yun ang colatilla doon. If they will enforce this provision, in the US budget, then we will be compelled to require all Americans to secure a visa before they can be allowed entry,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said.


“Napakaswerte nga sila, hindi sila binibigyan ng visa samantalang tayo nagpapakahirap. Masyado silang nagging privileged,” he added.



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