Netizen explains how ABS-CBN could gain the approval of President Duterte for their franchise extention

Amid the possible closure of television network giant ABS-CBN, a netizen said that there’s still a possibility for them to have a franchise extension despite the disapproval from President Rodrigo Duterte.

On a lengthy Facebook post, Noel Landero Sarifa believes that the management of ABS-CBN should be blamed for what happens to their company right now and not the President.

He believes that the artists and employees of ABS-CBN should not defend the network and ask the management of the company to fix their issues with the government if they really wanted to extend their franchise.

Sarifa said that he doesn’t hate the ABS-CBN, admitting that he’s one of the subscribers of the channel, however, he disliked how the management of the television network allegedly tried to discredit the President several times.

At the end of his post, he suggested that ABS-CBN should stop trying to gain the sympathy of the public and tried to fix the real issues being faced by their company.

Takot ba talaga ang ABS CBN na mawalan ng trabaho ang kanilang empleyado o takot silang mawalan ng bilyong bilyong peso?

This is what he said:

“Ang paglapastangan at pag-abuso ng kanilang kapangyarihan ng ABS-CBN Management ang naglagay sa kanilang Company sa panganib and now they are using their employees/artist to rally against Duterte o gamitin ang kanilang mga artista para makakuha ng sympathy sa taong bayan. Kung matatalino tong mga artista at empleyado ng ABS CBN they should plea with the management to set things right with the government and not to use them to gain public sympathy. Kaso sino nga ba namang empleyado ang kakalaban sa management kahit mali pa ito syempre dahil ABS CBN nagpapasahod sa kanila dun sila kakampi.

We dont hate the artist and the employees, we love abs-cbn shows, we hate the management for using their influence in spreading black propaganda against the Duterte Admistration, even before Duterte become president, highlighting the bad, mum with the accomplishments and the truth. Triggering public outrage and spreading fake news. ABS-CBN should stop using their artist na sila ung magmakaawa sa taumbayan. Harapin ng management si Duterte, settle their financial obligation with the government, di pa huli ang lahat. If they will do what is right there is no reason for the President not to grant their franchise but until thenĀ #NotoABSCBNFranchise

The franchise of ABS-CBN is set to expire in March 2020 and several employees and artists working for the said company are already asking the President to change his mind.

However, last week, President Duterte renewed his criticisms against ABS-CBN and told its management not to expect any franchise renewal.

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