LOOK: Mayor Vico Sotto visited by VP Leni Robredo

Vice President Leni Robredo visited one of the most famous Mayors in Metro Manila on Wednesday as part of her ‘Laylayan Program’.

Robredo was spotted together with Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto and the millennial politician didn’t forget to tour the Vice President in their City hall.

Sotto also introduced the City hall employees to Robredo.

Metro Laylayan is an advocacy program of Robredo which aims to help poor communities in the National Capital Region.

After winning the Mayoral race in Pasig City and ended the political domination of the Eusebio clan, Sotto revealed that one of his idols in politics is former Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo, the late husband of the Vice President.

“The Transparency Ordinance I filed in Pasig is, in part, inspired by Jesse Robredo,” Sotto said in his past interview.

Several days ago, Sotto received praise from the netizens for saving P150-M in his first five months as city Mayor of Pasig.



“We saved over P150 million because of our open and honest-to-goodness public bidding for the city’s goods and services,” he wrote.

Sotto made some ways to make the bidding open in public and following the correct procedures.

“The bidding process is now truly open, rigidly following the correct procedures. As a result, competition is high and prices go down. Previously, almost all winning bids were within 1 percent of the ABC, which is red-flagged by some auditors. Now, it is common to see winning bids that are 10 percent to 50 percent lower,”  he said.


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