Kris Aquino appeals to public: “Give the respect and kindness he deserves’

TV host Kris Aquino made a post on her social media account amid several news and rumors about the health of her brother former President Benigno Aquino III.

On an Instagram post, Aquino said that people should give her brother privacy and respect.

She also denied that her brother only wanted to have a reason to leave the country.

Aquino pointed out that Sandiganbayan already ‘lifted’ the departure order against her brother in August so if the former President really wanted to leave the country, he could do it earlier.

“News has circulated about my brother’s health & current hospitalization. He chooses to live his life privately and that has its advantages, but can also open him up to some unnecessary speculation. I am not at liberty to speak for my brother, but as the mother of his text mate, josh, someone who loves his Tito Noy, with his whole heart- I hope we can all give him the respect & kindness our fellow man deserves,” said Aquino.

“So please stop showing the world na puro fake news ang alam nyo by making this out to be a ploy about Noy wanting to leave the Philippines for treatment because for more than 3 months he could have easily traveled abroad, he chose not to because there’s nowhere else he’d rather be than home,” she added.

Two days ago, several networks reported that the former President was transferred to an Intensive Care Unit, but according to Aquino’s camp, he only requested it to the hospital for ‘security reasons’.

There are also some rumors that the former President is having a heart procedure, however, they also denied it.

“He requested if he could be moved to a regular room so as not to disturb other patients. Pumayag naman ang mga doktor niya,” Noynoy’s spokesperson Abigail Valte said.

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