Jimmy Bondoc doesn’t believe that ABS-CBN is concern with their employees: “wag naman tayo magpaloko”

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) Assistant Vice President for Entertainment Jimmy Bondoc refuted the argument of ABS-CBN supporters that the closure of the said company would result in the loss of thousands of jobs.

In a lengthy post, Bondoc explained why the possible franchise expiration of ABS-CBN would not quickly going to affect its employees.

He pointed out that ABS-CBN could make another company under a new name and management and transfer all their employees there.

He then questioned if the said television network is really concerned with their employees.

Bondoc claimed that the said company faced several labor cases filed by their employees.

“Jurisprudence shows otherwise. Labor cases abound based on ABS’s unfair labor practices, termination disputes, and many more. In fact, decided cases have been final and executory for long, yet ABS has obstinately refused to comply with court orders,” said Bondoc.

“In some cases, they complied with DOLE orders by reinstating employees, but committed acts amounting to constructive dismissal naman. Yun bang halos pahirapan ka para lang lumayas ka na,” he added.

The former singer turned public official then pointed out the case of “Wheng Hidalgo”

According to the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), Hidalgo filed a case against ABS-CBN because she was allegedly treated as contractual employee by the said company despite working there for 16 years.

Bondoc urged the people not to believe the supporters of the company who are using employees to get sympathy.

“So ulitin lang natin. If ABS is plucking at the heartstrings of the public by highlighting the loss of jobs of thousands, why have they not shown compassion or at least, compliance with court orders or employees’ appeals with regard to regularization of employees, or reinstatement of illegally dismissed employees?” said Bondoc.

“Wag naman tayo magpaloko sa mga emotional appeal of a company who supposedly pities their employees and blames this government for the loss of many jobs, but have been shown to disregard the rights of the very employees they claim to be protecting. In Facebook parlance, they call that Charot,” he added.

According to data taken from 2017, there are 11,068 employees working in ABS-CBN.

One twitter page that supports the company even asked if the government could give new jobs to the employees of ABS-CBN if ever that its franchise expires.

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