Puerto Rican pageant fan allegedly destroys Philippine Flag during Miss Universe Event

It seems that the competition for Miss Universe 2019 is heating up and even some fans couldn’t stop themselves from doing anything just to show that they’re dominant than the other camp.

A group of pageant fans filed a complaint to the U.S authorities after a  Puerto Rican destroyed the flag of the Philippines they’re carrying to show their support to Filipina Miss Universe contender Gazini Ganados.

In the first live video posted by netizen Elaine Estrada Crisostomo on Facebook, it showed their group entering the lobby of the Marriott Marquis hotel in Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A while carrying a flag.

It showed that Crisostomo and her friends are waving the flag and cheering while waiting for Ganados to arrive at the hotel.

However, in the second video posted by Elaine, they showed that the flag they’re carrying was already broken, claiming that a Puerto Rican destroyed it.

Aside from destroying the flag, the suspect also threw a jab to her friend who’s carrying the flag.

“Sobrang foul yung ginawa dahil binali yung flag natin,” Crisostomo said.

Crisostomo said that they already asked the authorities for assistance to trace the location of the suspect/s.

In her latest video, Crisostomo narrated what happened during the confrontation between her group and the suspect/s.

Crisostomo said that they’re only cheering for the Philippines when the Puerto Rican confronted them and destroyed the flag they’re carrying.

“We are calling the police dahil masyado silang pikon, so we are waiting for the police to arrive,” she said.

“Ayan oh, baling bali yung flag natin,” she added.

Filipino pageant fans expressed their disappointment with Puerto Rico on social media.

In the Philippines, destroying or disrespecting the Filipino flag is against the law.

“How poor you Puerto Rican fans who did this, this is just a contest, yes we do support our candidate but please have respect and manners,” netizen John Magusib said.

A Puerto Rican netizen said that Filipinos should not generalize them because of a single incident.

“We love Philipino people and the Philippines, not every Puertorican is like that.. congratulations to Gazini Ganados and Catriona Grey on being beautiful representations for the Philippines,” netizen Joshuan Aponte remarked.

It’s not yet known if the officials of the Miss Universe are already aware of the said incident.


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