Mayor Isko Moreno to Panday Sining members who got invited to police station for doing vandalism again: “Kailangan niyo pong harapin ngayon ang batas”

Mayor Isko Moreno finally made a statement after four members of Panday Sining got invited by the members of the Manila Police Department to their station after getting caught of doing another ‘art protest’ along the streets of the nation’s capital.

On Sunday, Moreno said that he already warned the members of Panday Sining not to do their ‘art protest’ or vandalism in Manila, but they still decided to continue what they’re doing.

Moreno said that he couldn’t do anything now so the members of Panday Sining have no choice but to face the consequences for what they did.

“You were warned. Nag-abiso na ako. Nananawagan po ako na huwag ninyo nang ulitin. Inulit niyo pa rin. Sinusubukan niyo kung may batas at liderato sa Maynila. Kailangan niyo pong harapin ngayon ang bisa ng batas,” he said.

Manila Police Department confirmed that they caught the members of Panday Sining spraying random walls around Manila City during the Bonifacio Day Rally.

They also published a video which reposted by NEWS5.

It can be seen that some members of Panday Sining are doing their ‘art protest’ and painting the walls of LRT along Manila.

The wrote “Oust DU30” while the others draw a portrait of Andres Bonifacio holding a weapon.

Panday Sining received criticisms from the netizens after they claimed responsibility for the messages painted at the newly-renovated Lagusnilad underpass several weeks ago.

Mayor Moreno couldn’t hide his disappointment over the acts of the group and said that he would let them lick the wall they vandalized to clean it if they got caught again.

“Wag kayong papahuli sakin, human rights? Pag nahuli ko kayo papadila ko sa inyo to, buburahin nyo to ng dila niyo,” he said.



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