“World Class!” SEA Games opening receive positive comments from the netizens

Millions of Filipinos watched the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games opening ceremony on Saturday and it received a positive response from the netizens despite the negative news circulated a few days before the said event started.

The topic about the SEA Games became a viral topic on the internet and some of the live videos of the opening ceremony published on social media have already reached millions of views already.

The netizens who are having doubts about the said event got convinced that the organizers did their job well after watching the opening ceremony.

“I thought SEA Games will be Trash because of what happened earlier, but deep inside I’m really hoping they will redeem themselves, and they did it,” netizen Josh said.

“Kudos to the whole crew! The opening ceremony was amazing,” netizen @fluuffycralala told the organizers of the said event.

“Despite fake news and controversies faced by the government and sports committee, THEY MARKED THIS DAY AS HISTORY FOR FILIPINOS AND THE PHILIPPINES. I’m so proud to be a Filipino much more!! Kudos!” netizen @clovergusto said.

One netizen even wrote a message addressed to the people who are still criticizing the SEA Games despite the success of the opening ceremony.

“I pity those who still find negativities amidst the grand opening ceremonies of 2019 SEA games. Kulang kayo sa aruga?” netizen Jeffrey Maylas wrote.

others described the opening ceremony as world-class and made them proud as Filipinos.

“You got me hooked! superb job everyone!! Kudos PHILIPPINES, world-class performances, state of the art opening ceremony!! Kaya pala natin. kakaproud lang,” netizen @hazzieest remarked.

Some expressed their happiness after seeing the controversial SEA Games torch alight.

“Hindi naman napahiya yung Pinas dun sa kalderong yown. Magaleng,” netizen @eilright2 Twitted.

“Yung paglabas talaga ni Sen. Manny! Grabe. Nakaka-iyak,” netizen @vinceAdolfo remarked.


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