Mayor Isko Moreno fumes over vandal in Lagusnilad: “Human rights? Pag nahuli ko kayo papadila ko sa inyo to”

Mayor Isko Moreno expressed his disappointment after an activist group painted an “art protest” in the newly rehabilitated Lagusnilad underpass.

In an interview, Moreno said that they used the people’s money to repaint the vandal made by the activist group ‘Panday Sining’ on Tuesday.

According to him, he will use the tax money intended for their education as budget for repainting the vandalism they made.

“Ang gagawin ko sa mga rallyistang ito, yung perang ibibigay ko sa inyo para sa edukasyon, yung ang gagamitin kong pang pintura ng dinumihan ninyong pader, magutom kayong lahat sa loob ng eskwelahan,” Moreno said in an interview with CNN.

“Kung ako nasa National Government yan ang gagawin ko, kayo ang nambababoy… hindi makatwiran yan…” he added.

Moreno said that the activists are not cooperating with Manila’s mission to clean the city even if they’re searching for good politicians to handle the government.

“We don’t deserve this, the people of Manila don’t deserve this,” he said.

The Mayor also told the activist group not to be caught in the act or else he will do something to them.

“Wag kayong papahuli sakin, human rights? Pag nahuli ko kayo papadila ko sa inyo to, buburahin nyo to ng dila niyo,” he said.

“It took 15 years for that underpass to be attended, nobody attended to that underpass, people are afraid of passing through that underpass because there’s so much obstructions,” he added.

On Tuesday, Panday Sining claimed that they’re responsible for the “art protest” found in Lagusnilad which includes text like “Dimang Bayan, Sagot sa Martial Law”

They insisted that what they did is not vandalism.

The City Government of Manila quickly repainted it and reminded the netizens about the existence of Ordinance No. 7971 or “Anti-Vandalism Law of 1999.”

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