Sen. Bong Revilla Jr. wants 80, 90 year-olds to receive 25,000 pesos each

Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. wanted to amend the Centenarian Law to benefit not only the 100-year-old Filipino but also the other citizens who reached 80 and 90 years old.

Under Senate Bill 295 Senator Revilla wanted the senior citizens to enjoy the said law because there are only a few people that do not reach 100 years old.

“Recent statistics show, however, that many elderly Filipinos do not reach the
age of 100, hence unable to enjoy the benefits and privileges of such law. With the
the rising cost of living and healthcare expenses, most of our senior citizens find it very
difficult to afford basic necessities and have to forego expensive medications and
procedures,” Revilla said.

According to the bill, elderly Filipinos who reached 80 will be given P25,000 cash. Another P25,000 will be given if they reach the age of 90.

The remaining P50,000 will be given once they reach the age of 100.

Under the current rules of the Centenarian Law, only the elderly who reached 100 will receive a cash gift of P100,000.

Meanwhile, the Department of Budget and Management said that the government needs at least P19.8-B to fund the said law.

“Titingnan ho natin kung ano ang funding requirement  ho niya. Again. titignan  ho natin kung kakayanin ng ating budget,” DBM assistant director Jane Abella said.

Meanwhile, the proposal of Revilla received praise from the netizens, saying that only few elderly can enjoy the said law and even if they’re given P100,000 the seniors who reached 100 years old cannot spend their cash gift anymore because of being old.


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