Volunteer asks other donors of Mindanao quake victims: “Kung magbibigay kayo damihan niyo naman”

A follower of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is facing criticisms on social media after he complained about some goods sent by the donors to the victims of Mindanao quake.

Jade Ondong, who’s a fan of Quiboloy, recorded the scenes during the distributing of relief goods sent by Quiboloy.

Ondong praised the Pastor in the video, saying that he’s too generous to give many things to the victims of the quake, while others are only donating items that only good for one day.

“Grabe talaga si Pastor kung magbigay hindi kakaunti lang, talagang malakihan… maramihan, kasi hindi ka naman nagbibigay ng pang ‘one-day’ lang, na konsumo,” Ondong said in Cebuano.


The man also showed something who came from other donors, complaining about how small is the donation they sent in the area.

“Masakit sa dibdib, ganito lang? Ito lang ang kaya? Grabe, okay lang naman… pero pakisuyo naman sana laki-lakihan nyo naman, tignan niyo naman oh? My God… ano lang ba ito? ” Ondong said while showing a small toothbrush and toothpaste,” he said.

“Next time kung magbibigay kayo damihan nyo naman… wag kukunti lang… kasi hindi maganda… kung magbibigay kana lang man din… ano ba to joke? Kung magbibigay ka dapat maramihan… ito ano ba to? Kaya siguro tinapon nalang ito,” he added.

Ondong then praised Quiboloy saying that the Pastor got so much money and even gave snacks to the children.


“Grabe ang pagmamahal ni Pastor… overflowing,” he said.

The netizen received criticisms on social media especially from the people of Mindanao who using social media.


Some reports claimed that Ondong already apologized via a video message.



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