Marjorie Barreto to a certain “Inday” : “Masyado siyang dramatic. Baka masapak ko.”

The issue between the Barreto clan is not yet over as Gretchen and Claudine Barreto uploaded a video claiming that their sister Marjorie bad-mouthed their mother Inday.

On a video which according to the source was recorded at St. Luke’s Medical Center-GLobal City the woman who supposedly Marjorie can be heard speaking about a certain “Inday”.

“Super drama, ano, si Inday,” she said.

When one of Marjorie’s companions asked her what happened, she answered, “Masyado siyang dramatic. Baka masapak ko,”

“Sapakin ko na ‘tong isa,” she added.”

According to some reports, the video was recorded when Miguel Alvir Barretto, the father of Marjorie, Claudine and Gretchen was brought to the hospital.


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After the video has gone viral on social media, Claudine Barreto gave more information about the said incident.

Claudine confirmed that Marjorie is referring to her mother Inday in the video.

“Marjorie came out of the ICU where my dad was in a critical condition. Only 2 visitors at a time can enter the ICU ( it was only mom Inday & Marjorie inside the ICU She then says, super drama si inday baka MASAPAK KO ( who then can she refer to other than my mom Inday. To the one who sent this video. Thank u So much.” Claudine said on her Instagram post.

She also added that Julia contributed P500,000 to Mr. Barreto’s hospitalization in exchange for their home in Subic.

Meanwhile, Inday Barreto posted a statement after she watched the said video saying that she was sad to hear that her daughter would say that to her.

“I am the Inday Marjorie was referring to after a fight in the hospital about the Subic home we own. I’m in so much pain as a mother. I just learned about the video & my heart breaks,” Inday Barreto said.

“Please don’t drag my name, Marjorie. Didn’t know you were doing damage control by using me,” she added.



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