Pastrol Quiboloy on Mindanao quake : “Pasalamat kayo dahil ako nagpa-stop ng lindol!”

Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy said that he also experienced the 6.8 magnitude quake in Mindanao, which happened a few days ago.

Quiboloy who’s hosting his TV show “Give Us This Day” answered a netizen who said that he’s the reason why there’s a quake happening around Mindanao.

As a response, Quiboloy argued that Mindanao is facing quakes because many people in the said island are criticizing him.

“Bakit nililindol ang Mindanao? kasi maraming bashers dito,” he said.

To prove that he did something to save the people of Mindanao, Quiboloy narrated that he was inside his room resting when the quake happened, but thanks to his Godly powers, the pastor claimed that he stopped the shaking with his words.

“Sabi ko sa lindol stop! umi-stop, tapos pangalawa mga eleven siguro yun, nandyan yung mga kasama ko, lumindol, umistop din,” Quiboloy said.

“Pasalamat kayo sa akin kasi kung hindi ko pina-stop yun marami kayong magigiba diyan, kaya pasalamat kayo sakin dahil pina-stop ko yung lindol, hindi ko sinasabi ito na walang witness ah, may witness marami, nakapalibot sa akin, sinigawan ko yung lindol,” he added.

The statement of Quiboloy was followed by the cheers of his followers who thanked him for stopping the quake.

“Amen!” the followers of Quiboloy said.

Quiboloy said that he’s planning to keep the story secret, however, one of his followers brought up the said topic to him.

The video featuring Quiboloy claims was uploaded on several social media platforms.

While most of the people made fun of Quiboloy, some of his followers still kept defending their Pastor, insisting that their leader has the power to stop the quakes.



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