“Tuloy ang kaso!” Ms. Morcillo pleads forgiveness to Tatay Alexander on the viral e-jeep incident

A few days ago, an incident has gone viral on social media after a commuter identified as Ms. Dimple Morsillo accused Mr. Alexander Butal, a 53-year-old jeepney driver of disrespecting her.

Some of Morsillo’s relative became involved and carried Butal to the nearest Barangay Hall and allegedly forced him to sign a document to settle the case


However, CCTV footage taken inside an e-jeep is telling a different story showing that the old man only lost his balance when trying to sit down.

Most of the people on social media know Ms. Morsillo, however when she visited the popular social media and radio show Raffy Tulfo in Action, she asked the host to hide her identity and face.

Mr. Butal’s son and daughter are also present during the show to their support to their father.

The first thing Morsillo asked during the show is forgiveness from Butal who’s still recovering from the bruise he sustained.

Photo: Raffy Tulfo in Action

Danny Morsillo, father of Dimple also asked the victim for forgiveness, saying that he only carried away by the false news he received during the day of the incident.

Danny is one of the people who charged at Butal inside the barangay hall after the e-jeep incident.

Photo: Raffy Tulfo in Action

Despite the pleading of Morsillo, Butal decided to pursue filing a complaint against the former.


“Para po sa akin, tuloy po ang kaso, wala pong mababago,” Mr. Butal said.

“Buti nalang at may anak ako na marunong,” he added.

Photo: Raffy Tulfo in Action

The mother of Dimples also went to Butal to plead, explaining that they cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

“Wala po kaming trabaho… wala kaming kakayanan para mga demanda,” Mrs. Morsillo said.



Meanwhile, Xian Butal, son of Alexander also said that he’s going to convince his father to forgive Dimples, however, the last decision is still up to the victim.




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