Netizen explains why Inday Sara needs to be the next President of the country: ” If ever, she will be the youngest President elected”

While rumors are still strong about the possibility of Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte following the footsteps of his father, a netizen tried to explain why the presidential daughter should become the next leader of the country.

In a lengthy post, the Facebook blog One Caraga Movement claimed that President Duterte also wanted his daughter to succeed in the future, saying that the former wants someone to continue his policies, programs, and projects.

“The President has made many commitments to his new partners in China, Russia as well as with our traditional allies like Japan and the United States with regards to the many projects the Philippine government has embarked on such as upgrading our military capabilities, or in terms of trade deals, and with regards to the many build build build infrastructure projects being implemented all over the country,” he wrote.

“Electing another President from a different political party could put some government programs at risk. A formerly dual citizen Grace Poe, for example, could undo some of the dealings this administration has entered into with China. She might decide not to pursue some projects initiated by her “good friend” Transportation Secretary Art Tugade, the construction of new international airports could not push thru and payments of some high interest-bearing foreign loans might be compromised if a Grace Poe presidency will have other plans and projects to pursue,” he added.

The blog also believes that the current administration already fails its plan to shift to federalism because of limited time, and only someone like Inday Sara could try to pursue it.

They also added that the President cannot be detained by his political enemies after his presidency if his daughter will be the next President.

He also said that Filipinos already electing Presidents who are children of former chief executives.

“Having a child of a former President to be elected also as President happened a couple of times before. Gloria Arroyo’s dad was former President Diosdado Macapagal. PNoy’s mom is Cory. So it’s not unusual. Sarah is a lawyer and a multiple-term city mayor. She would exactly be following her father’s winning footsteps in her rise to the highest seat of power in our country,” he explained.

“What a unique and amazing political story it will be. The first time that a child will immediately succeed his or her parent in the presidency. Her father is the oldest elected President on record. If ever, she will be the youngest,” he added.

Despite her popularity, Inday Sara refused to run for a higher office and wanted to focus on managing Davao City.


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