Policemen raises eyebrows of netizens after caught playing mobile legends while on duty

Playing Mobile Games can help you to relieve stress and have fun with friends, however doing it while at work, especially if you’re uniformed personnel could raise the eyebrows of the public.

A video of two police officers playing a popular mobile game has been circulated on social media and received criticisms from the netizens.

According to the video uploader, Owace Robie, he went to the police station in Makati around 3 AM to report an incident that happened in their barangay.

However, it seems that the police officers are busy and holding their phones while playing games.

It can be seen in the video that the cop is not seems focused on the complainant and still busy using his phone.

The uploader said that he’s supporting the PNP on their campaign, however, he was disappointed to see the said police officers prioritizing their mobile games than him.

“Ako po maka-PULIS kaya lang medyo naasar ako sa ipinakita nilang asal dahil emergency at need mapuntahan o mahuli agad ang mga gumawa ng masama doon sa lugar namin,” Robie said.

The video has been re-uploaded by several Facebook pages and already seen by millions of netizens.

The identity of the cops is not yet revealed as of writing.

Makati PNP is still not giving any comment on the video.

NCRPO is known for doing a campaign against cops that not doing their work while on duty so the netizens are expecting that the PNP will take an action against the said police officers.



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