Mayor Isko Moreno closes Isetann Mall in Recto: “Nasanay ata sila sa dating administrasyon na parang walang gobyerno”

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno personally went to Recto to close down Isetann Mall because of multiple violations they committed while operating.

On Wednesday, Moreno said that the mall has a license to operate, however, the owner of Isetann, Tri-Union Properties Inc. misinterpreted what they put in the application for the permit.

“Sabi nila, 1,000 square meters lang daw ang Isetann shopping mall… sampu lang daw ang empleyado nila, they’re not just shopping mall, they’re also lessor, ibig sabihin nagpapaupa din sila ng pwesto… yung kanilang lessor business ay walang permit,” said Moreno.

Moreno believes that cellphone snatchers are selling their loot in Isetann because the mall is operating without any sufficient permit.

He said that he warned Isetann many times about the illegal activities happening in their mall, however, they didn’t listen so Tri-Union Properties need to face the consequences of their action.

He also added that because of the illegal activities happening in Isetann, they discovered more violations committed by the said mall.

“Mukhang nasanay sila sa dating administrasyon na para bang walang gobyerno… I told them so many times, hindi ako nagkulang ng paalala,” he said.

The Mayor said that he would close down Isetann until they already completed the necessary requirements to operate again.

Moreno personally padlocked the mall even if the businesses inside are still operating to show that he’s serious about implementing the law.


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