Mayor Isko Moreno plans to close down Isetann Mall in Recto

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno said that he’s considering to close down a famous mall in Recto for operating without a permit.

After his appearance at the “First 100 Days special report on CNN Philippines,” Moreno said that he’s going to ask Isetann mall in Recto to explain why they’re operating without proper documents.

“We just notified them to explain why the operators of the mall has no permit, they have to explain,” Moreno said.

According to him, he would still give them a chance to fix their problems.

However, Moreno said that he’s not sure how long Isetann was operating without any permit.

“One thing for sure, there’s no document state that they have a permit to operate as mall operators,”

The Manila City Mayor also said that the alleged illegal activities happening inside Isetann made them discover how the said mall was operating without any necessary documents.

Moreno made the statement one day after he ordered to ban the trade of all second-hand mobile phones in Manila.

Isetann is one of the malls warned by Moreno for selling phones that allegedly came from illegal activities.

“The warning was made after a student reported to the MPD Special Mayor’s Reaction Team that he saw his mobile phone from one of the vendors inside Isetann Mall in Recto,” the Manila Public Information Office said on Twitter.

However, a mall officer in Isetann made an alibi saying that the said stolen phone is not on sale.

“Hindi binili ng tenant ng mall, pinagawa sa technician sabi babalikan may bibilhin lang. Hindi na binalikan,” he said.

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