Jim Paredes comes back in public scene: “I come up with stuff. Enjoy them at your pleasure”

After his private video leaked seven months ago, legendary OPM artist Jim Paredes is back to work as a songwriter and musical mentor for the Philippine Popular Music Festival (PhilPop) Songwriting Bootcamp.

In an interview with News5, Paredes shared that he came back in public scene because he wanted to continue his job and write songs for his fans.

He said that he prepared a new album for his fans that they could enjoy.

“You know, I just want to… We make music. I’m just an artist. I come up with stuff, you know. Enjoy them at your pleasure.” said Paredes.

“I’m grateful and I’m hopeful that I will continue to write the soundtrack of their love lives, their life as they get old, their milestones in their lives, marriage, everything,” he added.

According to Paredes, his goal is to promote Filipino music and let the people of the Philippines sing and dance the creation of their countrymen.

“Sa APO [Hiking Society] sinabi namin na ano, we want to be the ones to write the soundtrack of their birthdays, binyag, kasal, blessing ng bahay,” he said.

“Saka yun nga, my goal was to, for Filipinos to sing their own songs na Filipino, and to dance their own music. Not some other countries.” he also said.

Paredes said that he’s writing songs not to become famous, but because it’s his passion.

He also expressed his gratitude for having a chance to share his knowledge with the younger people who wanted to learn music.

The OPM artist also shared a tip on how they would stay longer in the music industry.

“Consistently good work, consistently recreating yourself,” he said.


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