Rapper Loonie and two of his other mates positive of using weeds

Rapper Marlon Diaz Peroramas also known for his stage name Loonie has been found positive in using kush according to the laboratory test conducted by Philippine National Police (PNP).

The lab test which released on September 19 confirmed Loonie, together with David Rizon and Ivan Agustin were found positive in “THC Metabolites,” however they didn’t found any sign that the group is using shabu.

Meanwhile, Idyll Peroramas, Loonie’s sister, and Albert Alvarez were found positive from using kush.

Loonie admitted that he’s using kush, but not selling it as what the police accused to him.


Photo: PNP

Meanwhile, Makati City court also denied the request from the camp of Peronamas to free the accused earlier.

“This court considers this development as a supervening event, enough to render the instant petition moot and academic. It would be highly impractical for this court to order the release of the petitioners without preempting any resolution coming from the Office of the City Prosecutor of Makati City,” the document reads.

Peroramas is currently detained because of being involved in selling 15 sachets of high-grade kush worth P100,000.

He insisted that the evidence presented by the cops was only planted and he’s supposed to visit an ailing fan.

“Hindi po totoo lahat yan, gusto ko pong makipag usap sa abogado namin dahil nabigla po kami, pupuntahan dapat namin ay yung batang may cancer, yun ang pag kakaalam ko,” Loonie said.

“Hindi po totoo lahat ng paratang sa akin, hindi po sa amin yan, ang cellphone ko po diyan ay yung isa, yung pera po at yung mga sachet hindi sa akin yan,” he added.

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