Malacanang snobs U.S Senator Rubio’s request to free De Lima: “We don’t respond to nonsense”

Malacanang Palace ignored the request of Republican Senator Marco Rubio to free Senator Leila De Lima who’s being detained for her alleged involvement in illegal activities in the national penitentiary.

In a text message, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo has a short message to Rubio.

According to Panelo, the tweet of Rubio is “nonsense” and not worth to give a response.

“We don’t respond to nonsense,” Panelo said in the text message.

Rubio made a tweet asking the Philippine government to free De Lima, saying that the charges against the lady senator are “bogus”.

The American Senator insisted that the government of the Philippines should free De Lima without asking any conditions from the side of the detained senator.

“Philippine Senator Leila de Lima, a critic of EJKs under Duterte’s so-called “war on drugs,” has spent the last two years in prison on bogus charges,” Rubio said on his Sept 21 tweet.

“I call on the Philippine government to unconditionally release her,” he added.

Rubio also joined five Senators last April urging the Philippines to drop the charges against De Lima.

“The Philippines is a close ally, but this bipartisan resolution makes it clear that the US Congress seeks an immediate improvement in the government’s behavior and the end of efforts to weaponize the rule of law against brave individuals like Senator Leila de Lima and Maria Ressa,” the resolution reads.

Meanwhile, Senator Leila De Lima thanked Rubio for his support.

“For saying what’s just and true, thank you, Sen. Marco Rubio. Duterte’s mouthpiece may dismiss your tweet as “nonsense”, but you see through the tyrant’s pretense. Let’s carry on the fight for freedom and human rights.” De Lima tweeted.


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