Gretchen Diez on advocating LGBTQIA+ rights: “Wala akong kinikita dito”

The popular trans woman who sparked the discussion on SOGIE equality bill has appeared to the public again during an interview with Tee Radio.

In the said interview, Diez said that she’s having problems weeks before the infamous comfort room incident happened, because of being jobless and not receiving any reply from the companies she applied.

She also suffered from confusion on choosing what career she really wanted in life.

“Honestly when I resigned, I’m asking myself kung bakit ako nag resign dahil ba I pursue ko na yung pageantry, I’m already 28 years old tapos iniisip ko ano ba talaga ang gusto ko sa buhay? Maganda yung trabaho ko pero you wake up everyday feeling na you’re so much more than you can do and I don’t know yet what that thing is,” she said.

However, according to her, everything changed after the news about her being blocked by a janitress to use comfort room for women gathered the attention of the Filipino people.

“And then this happened, this incident. I never imagined that following day it will be a national news, akala ko ma TV patrol lang siya o ma 24 oras lang siya and that’s it everyone will stop talking about it, I don’t make a big deal out of it, not knowing na makakarating pa siya sa Senate, makakarating ng Congress, makakarating ng Malacanang,” Diez said.

The trans woman also insisted that she didn’t plan to gather the attention of the nation, but she realized that maybe what’s happening to her is one of God’s plan to her.

“I never planned this because I’m actually clueless with what is I really wanted to do in life, maybe totoo yung sinasabi nila na God has a reason, now I realize na kaya hindi nagrereply yung mga ina-applyan ko kasi I meant to do something bigger,” she said.

Diez also clarified that she’s not earning a penny on appearing in public especially in media interviews.

“Akala nila kada interviews mo may bayad, wala ka namang bayad lalo na kapag news and current affairs, sabi ko nga napapagastos ka pa dahil namamasahe ka dahil I don’t have a job, then I go to outreach programs eh wala naman akong nahihita doon kasi kami yung tumutulong sa mga tao,” said Diez.

According to her, despite not earning any money she’s satisfied with what she’s doing and planning to continue to speak about LGBTQIA+ rights.

“For the first time ever nakaramdam ako na kahit wala kang kinikita you feel the sense of fulfillment, alam mo na gumigising ka everyday na meron kang purpose,” 



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