Mayor Isko Moreno answers the question if he’s interested to become a President: “Wala pa akong nagagawa sa Maynila”

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno has an answer to the people who are asking if he’s interested to become a President of the Philippines in the future.

After his speech at the St. Scholastica’s College, Moreno has been asked by one of its students if he would accept the Presidency if it’s already given to him.

Moreno said that becoming the President of the Philippines is not his childhood dream, but to become a captain of a ship to escape poverty.

However, when he became an actor he said that he would give back blessings he received and serve the people of Manila.

Will I wish to become a President? I don’t know… why? I don’t know yet… am I qualify as a President? my answer is no,” Moreno said.

“Why? Wala pa naman akong nagagawa sa Maynila eh. Will I use my fame take of it because I’m popular?” he added.

According to Moreno, some people took advantage of being popular and entered politics even if they’re still clueless on how they would manage the people.

“I really want to be clear with you guys, I know you are frustrated already, am I qualify? no, because what I’m doing here is just basic governance, well if there’s one good thing, thank you very much,” he said.

Moreno insisted that he would take care of Manila first before seeking for a higher government position because he’s not asking for more power.

“Before I aspire for a bigger position, harapin ko muna yung kung anong mayroon ngayon… kung kapangyarihan lang eh mas makapangyarihan ang Presidente sa Mayor ng Maynila kung pagnanasa ang gagawin mo eh yun ang naisin ko,” Moreno said.

“Pero diyan maraming nagkamali, sa sobrang pagnanasa… dahil walang kabusugan… kapag walang kabusugan, ang kabusugan hindi lang pagkain, hindi lang yan salapi, pati kapangyarihan… may mga taong matatakaw sa kapangyarihan,” he added.

He even revealed that someone put a tarpaulin with his face during a fiesta in Cavite to promote the Manila City Mayor in the 2022 elections.

However, Moreno said that he’s not preparing for 2022 election and only trying to solve the problem of Manila.

“I swear to God, since July 1, what we have been doing has nothing to do with 2022, it’s all about the chaos, the problems and challenges of the city government of Manila we are facing and the people of Manila is suffering,” he said.

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