Netizen gives twelve reasons why they oppose SOGIE bill

A netizen gave his reasons why he opposed the SOGIE equality bill, which became a viral topic after trans woman Gretchen Diez was blocked from using a restroom designated for females.

In a post, Norman Sison Lao clarified that he’s not opposing the said bill because he doesn’t like the LGBTQIA+ community, however, he’s concerned that SOGIE might give unfair treatment to straight people.

Lao said that there are already some laws that could protect the members of the LGBTQIA+ community without pushing for the SOGIE bill.

The anti-SOGIE advocate is also concern that the bible might be banned because it contains some words against homosexuality.

You can read his post below:

1. SOGIE is unfair to STRAIGHT PEOPLE. For example, we will be penalized for “hurting their feelings” with P100,000-500,000 plus 1-6 years detention, while there is no provision of law that LGBTQ+ people will be penalized if they hurt ours.

2. There are provisions in SOGIE that can be used to curtail our exercise of religious freedoms. For example, we cannot speak in public to express what we know is the truth.

3. The Bible, the basis of our faith and practice since the time of Jesus Christ, might be banned because of the provision that all media that “discriminates against” LGBTQ+ will not be allowed for circulation.

4. There is a provision in the SOGIE Bill that will impose LGBTQ+ teaching upon our children since they will be integrated into all educational institutions. 

5. The claim that the SOGIE Bill will empower women is CONFUSING since there is no “W-omen” in L.G.B.T.Q.”

6. There is NO NEED for SOGIE. If the LGBTQ+ community needs a CR for themselves, let them file a Bill that addresses that specific issue such as “LGBTQ+ CR Bill” that will require all establishments to build a CR for them.

7. The SOGIE bill is NOT for Equality, but clearly for Preferential Treatment of members of the LGBTQ+ over the rest of the people. This is quite clear in the recent transgender CR fiasco where the transgender was given more media mileage and government attention compared to the Straight Janitress.

8. The SOGIE bill does not address inequality. It actually differentiates against Straight People. We already feel differentiated even when SOGIE is not yet a law.

9. The SOGIE bill is deceptive. Why remove the “except for marriage” clause in the application for licenses in the Senate version of the Bill?

10. There are substantial provisions in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other existing laws that protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people and the rest of the nation.

11. We cannot be forced to accept as normal and natural what we feel is not. To say that a trans-woman is a REAL WOMAN and expect all of us to accept that as “truth” is an imposition of one’s thinking over the majority of the Filipinos. (Even though this does not appear in the SOGIE Bill the fact is that it was commented by one of the strongest proponents of the SOGIE Bill.)

12. We are apprehensive what a SOGIE LAW will do to our nation. One advocate of the SOGIE Bill said that “gender must not be assigned at birth” which, for us, is a revelation of what is at the heart of the SOGIE Bill: the imposition of the LGBTQ+ will on the MAJORITY of the Filipino people.

The post of Lao has been reposted by pages on social media and now receiving thousands of shares and mixed reactions.

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