Security guard and a group of trans women clash over restroom rights: “Bakit mo kami pagbabawalan mag CR?”

A security guard of an establishment was spotted clashing with a group of trans women at Almanza, Las Pinas on September 1, 2019, because of an argument over the use of the female restroom.

In a video posted by netizen Macky Padilla Onrubia, it showed the security guard having an argument with a group of trans women who wanted to use the female restroom in an establishment.

According to the uploader, the security guard tried to stop the trans people from using the restroom designated for female which resulted in the commotion.

One trans woman can be heard shouting at the security guard who’s telling them not to use the comfort room because it only designated for the female gender.

“Sa susunod ayusin mo ang salita mo ha, bakit mo kami pagbabawalan mag CR ha?” the group told the guard.

“Public toilet pagbabawalan mo kami?” they added.

However, the security guard insisted that the group should use the comfort room designated for male.

The security guard and the trans women were only stopped by the other staff of the establishment.

It’s not yet known if the group is going to file a complaint against the security guard.

The incident can be compared to what happened to trans woman Gretchen Diez several weeks ago at Farmers Plaza where she was stopped by a janitress to use the comfort room for females.

Diez’ sparked the topic over the rights of the LGBTQA+ community to use any comfort room they wanted and it also prompted the politicians to discuss the SOGIE bill.


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