Janitress who stops Gretchen Diez from using women restroom finally speaks up: “In-approach ko po siya ng maayos”

While the Gretchen Diez received all the attention of the press, politicians and netizens, a janitress who stopped the viral trans woman from using a women bathroom in Quezon City finally shared her version of her story about the incident.

In an interview with PressOne, Chayra Ganal, the janitress who worked at Farmers Plaza Mall in Cubao, Quezon City narrated how she tried to ask Diez to use the men’s restroom because some women complained about the presence of the trans woman in the comfort room designated for females.

“Ma’am dito na po tayo sa CR ng lalaki.’ `Yung PWD hindi ko na po sa kanya na-offer `yun dahil dami din pong nakapila. `Yung sa CR kasi po ng lalaki nakita ko du’n walang pila, walang tao,”

According to Ganal, Diez may use the cubicles inside the male restroom, however, the trans woman rejected the offer of the janitress and started to Livestream the incident.

Ganal admitted that she was surprised that Diez suddenly took a photo and video of her which made her temper boil.

“Imbis na po siya mag-CR du’n, kinuha niya po `yung cellphone niya, tinapat niya po sa mukha ko, sabi ko, ‘Ma’am bakit n’yo po ako kinukunan ng picture,” Ganal said.

“Sabi niya, ‘Hindi ito picture, ate, live ito, kaway ka, kaway ka, naka-live video ito, promise sisikat ka,’” she added.

When Diez told her that there are already 10 people watching her live video, the janitress tried to protect her privacy by blocking the phone of Diez. She also told the security officer of the mall about the acts of the trans woman.

The janitress was also reportedly fainted at the police station where Diez was brought.

She also claimed that Bataan 1st District Rep. Geraldine Roman who rushed to the police station confronted her and told her to “shut up”.

After the incident, Ganal’s Facebook account was hacked by someone while her family was receiving hate messages from some netizens.

Meanwhile, Rep. Roman denied the accusations of the janitress, saying that the latter was the one who ignored her while explaining the importance of LGBT rights.

“I, as a congresswoman, I’m used to listening to all opinions. I would never tell anyone to shut up. It’s very unfair of her. And I have the video.” Roman said.

The incident sparked the debate on the implementation of the SOGIE equality bill and the proposal to add a restroom exclusively for the LGBTQ+ people.



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